Ruger Bounce [Music Review]

Ruger Bounce Music Review

Artiste: Ruger

Title: Bounce

Genre: Afro-pop

Track Duration: 3:04Mins

Released Date: May 12, 2022

Reviewer: Imran 

Bounce track is a sweet classical Afro-pop song that is beautifully made by the dazzling, charismatic and highly talented Nigerian artiste famously known as Ruger.

Ruger is a double capacitated brain box, full of excessive talent incredibly amazing, he has the ability to sweet twist afro-pop beat with his unique flows in and out.

The young preciously talented artiste Ruger, prove his worth in the Music Industry overall.

The way he modify his words perfectly on the beat is no way below best work creatively.

Bounce track was made by the superstar alone, he dilute multiple talent in all the track chorus and the verses, so far so good, he is the only one capable of making this type of vibe on beat.

He created some creative language to communicate straight through souls strongly, exceptionally, he so far define talent physically amazing.

Additionally, the production quality also play crucial role in compounding the track quality overall, but only creative minds knows creative hands.

Credit most also be given to the talented producer that worked out this beautiful sound that can magically penetrates any level of depressed soul.

Over and over again, the young talented icon stand fit for greatness, not twice but more than enough to be regarded the exceptional best.

The kind of anticipation on the streets and everywhere the song impacted is a one of a kind event.

Not only the national recognition enlarged but also globally, the kind of work that deserve high consideration considering the quality of the work and the artiste himself.

Justifiably, Ruger combine some sort of  competence in different angles creatively.


Bounce track is rated on deserved range of Eight over Ten (8/10).

All to say about this amazing work in a single compound sentence is that, it is an art of creativity, originality, professionality from naturally great artiste.


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