MI Abaga Daddy [Music Review]

MI Abaga Daddy Music Review


Artiste: MI Abaga

Title: Daddy

Featured Artiste: Chillz

Genre: Rap

Track Duration: 3:04Mins

Released Date: July 4, 2022

Reviewer: Imran 

Daddy Music Review

Daddy song is a hardcore hip-hop track by the old time African Best Rapper famously known as MI.

Mr. Incredible aka MI is an African Great rapper with respectful global recognition, his Legacy is still shining. An incredible performance by the talented rapper, he smooth on the beat roughly with creative flows and unique pattern.

Known fact is MI’s rapping standard ever since, he is like a beast unleashed every time he is on the mic especially hardcore genre.

His rap talent defines him as a monster musically, some sort of attitude he have lyrically entails his quality as a rapper.

Daddy track accommodate a single feature of a creatively talented music artiste popularly known as Chillz.
Chillz is a good amazingly talented Nigerian rapper, his vibe is remarkably impressive.

Daddy track has three verses by which all handled by the greatest African rapper himself and alone, in fact every vocal sound of the track was handled by the super star. This does not include the chorus completely.

MI is a super star that shines consistently, his character is like a role model in the music industry. No error encountered in the track not even a chance of anything like that, both the stars quality is intensive, their excessive talent has no limit so far.

Also not to forget the other accelerative ingredient of the song quality which is the song production. Seriously the song production is too exclusive to be left out, the talent behind it is exceptional.

The production perfectly correspond to the song owner’s requirement and qualitative taste, the collective efforts of both enhance the song quality.



With great masterpiece like this as an Album by the old time African Best rapper, certainly another Award of such kind can be assured.

Good sound quality with a rating of Eight over Ten (8/10).

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