King Khalifa Yan Mata [Music Review]

King Khalifa Yan Mata Music Review


Artiste: King Khalifa

Title: Yan Mata

Genre: Afro/Hip-hop

Track Duration: 2:07Mins

Released Date: June, 2022

Reviewer: Imran 

Yan Mata Music Review

King Khalifa is a great Northern Nigerian gallant super star making giant trends currently in the music industry.

The Northern marvelous icon set out his existence in the music industry with many of his great sound work, his efforts and commitments melodically is superbly motivational.

King Khalifa’s quality as a Afro/rap artiste is exceptional looking to his recent released project including Yan Mata track.

Yan Mata sound track is a systematically Hip-hop Afro fusion with modern creative adjustment lyrically making one good unique masterpiece.

The track was made by the star alone having no feature, he set out his decorative talent alone on the track piercing through ears positively beneficial.

The Hip-hop star’s fanbase is silently rapidly growing strongly as the star’s capabilities also growing in line with it. The nature of his contributions declares greatness and signify competence.

Statistically, numbers gained in streams across the music platforms by Yan Mata sound track is tremendously remarkable, building some chain of effective trends, enlarging anticipation.

Yan Mata song contain three good verses by which the icon took alone, He rapped all the verses intelligently compounding the verses quality with bold enticing chorus and nicely hanged back ups amazingly.

Additionally, the stylish rap pattern came out compelling as he fully suited his words on the notes of the beat impressively.

Looking to the song quality at large, the song production plays essential role in the song’s quality standard. Despite all the production quality, King Khalifa’s creativity posses the largest portion of the song standard.


The nature of the trends and waves the song attracts is incredibly amazing, this somehow implies the quality of the project, gaining productive rating of about six over Ten (6/10).

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