Kheengz Kala Kala [Music Review]

Kheengz Kala Kala Music Review


Artiste: Kheengz

Title: Kala Kala

Featured Artiste: Erigga

Genre: Afro-pop/Rap

Track Duration: 2:51Mins

Released Date: December 24, 2019

Reviewer: Imran 

Kala Kala Music Review


Kala kala track is a street banger, with intensive exciting vibe tempting in every manner and every ear encountered. This great sound is a good party jam regarding its anticipation, the flexibility displayed on the track is exceptional.

Kheengz is a great Northern Nigerian rapper with undeniable good reputation, his sound is never in boring angle.
Moreover the collaborative artiste involve describe the never boring page of the track greatly.

Mainly all over from the top to the bottom of the work is creatively filled with superb talent and accurate modification. The capacity of their potential is duly displayed, they all deserve every qualitative consideration.

Perfection is never in doubt when it comes to hip-hop about these artiste, they always perfect their perfection in contributing.

Accordingly, Kala kala masterpiece welcomed the vocal presence of the Southern Nigerian Hip-hop super star popularly known as Erigga.

Erigga demonstrate his capacity widely enough and perfectly noticed and also his talent as a hip-hop star is overwhelming.
Although he is given a single verse to handle on the track, his lines on it was professionally enough to seem like a double verse.

His quality obviously rendered the collaboration choice and it perfectly suit.

Primarily, the Northern star handle the outstanding chorus of the banger but also followed with additional verse which advance the sound. Kheengz impressive demonstration is clearly in favor of his excessive talent which in no doubt never in doubt.


The feeling and temptation of this frequency is undeniable as it set out noisy heavy anticipation. Fans all over happily love the collaboration lineup as it is a perfect match of maestros.

Rating gained buy the sound= (7/10).

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