Hamisu Breaker – Jarumar Mata [Music Review]

Hamisu Breaker Jarumar Mata Music Review
Hamisu Breaker Jarumar Mata Music Review

Hamisu Breaker Jarumar Mata Music Review

Artiste: Hamisu Breaker

Title: Jarumar Mata

Genre: Afrobeat

Track Duration: 3:17Mins

Released Date: January 8, 2021

Reviewer: Abdulmatin

Jarumar mata is the most trending Hausa song coming through from the northern Nigeria in 2020 amidst the corona pandemic.

The northern Nigeria has a less booming music industry with lots of talented musicians but the pandemic has helped a lot of artists like hamisu breaker to portray their talents and to be loved and respected.

The pandemic gave hamisu breaker and other talented artists a listening ear by the populace all over the country.
The song jarumar mata has trended on Twitter for days which got the attention of biggest musical producers and recorded executives like don jazzy.

Don Jazzy made a video expressing delight and love towards the screaming who is this hamisu breaker and where can I find him. The video made by don jazzy also helped in hyping the song which got millions of streams on YouTube and other online platforms That brought hamisu breaker to spotlight.

The corona virus pandemic was seen as a catastrophe to the society but a blessing and recognition to hamisu breaker as his single jarumar mata got much attention and listening ears.

Jarumar mata is a song composed and written by hamisu breaker which fantasize on love of a girl spitting on how he can die for her and go through any pain just to be with her.

Though the song made women made videos on Instagram and tiktok with their husbands, which brought lot of complications in the hausa society, breaching the culture and displaying immorality where many women who posted the videos of them and their husbands were said to be divorced. The videos were recorded with agreement of not posting it, lots of women went into competition vibing to the outstanding melody and flawless lyrical content pushed them to post such videos.

No doubt, Jarumar Mata has become one the biggest song in Arewa making Hamisu breaker one of the most successful hausa artists in northern Nigeria today. His audience has skyrocketed going through every nooks and crannies of the southern part of Nigeria. If not for racial disparity, jarumar mata is a song to be nominated for headies awards.

The song has actually been awarded by lots of awards houses in Arewa. Indeed Jarumar mata is a song that should be on all Nigerians playlist.


Jamrumar Mata is rated 9.0/10

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