Fireboy DML Playboy [Music Review]

Fireboy DML Playboy Music Review


Artiste: Fireboy DML

Title: Playboy

Genre: Afro-pop

Track Duration: 3:27Mins

Released Date: March 23, 2020

Reviewer: Imran 

Playboy Music Review

Playboy track is single vocally made by the Nigerian super icon widely recognized as Fireboy DML.

This is an afro-pop type of a song by one of the best existing afro-pop singer, his pattern on the beat was awesomely moderated.

Playboy track was beautifully modified in an uplifting manner intensifying the track quality both melodically and lyrically.

The Afro-pop super iconic singer employ some secretive vocal ingredients intertwined in between the notes of the instrumentals professionally, he impose advanced creative pattern to depose any moody instances.

He alone took all the sweet verses of the track, despite the absence of any feature he surely murder the beat tremendously.

Playboy track deserves high level benefits considering the kind of talent invested in the projects, hence intensive anticipation of the track also vouch.

This is the kind of sound that posses a long time perish duration or no any perish time at all, the sound is completely nice from every angle.

His effort is undeniable in the global music industry, he suffer no bit of pressure of any kind in making out the  sound on the mic.

Looking from the production of the song, the kind of mixture of different amazing notes by the producer also advanced the music quality intensively.

However, this has been expected from the icon considering his current tremendous performance in all the noted projects he participated.

Fireboy has the magic of mitigating every emotional catastrophe even deteriorating ones melodically.



Conclusively, Playboy track gloriously earned more than enough credit especially internationally.

It is with exclusive impact, the track is considered eight over ten (8/10) rating internationally. So also the creative mind behind the instrumentals.

Lastly, Playboy track surely properly deserve an award of excellence exclusively.



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