Dj khaleed – Sorry Not Sorry ft Nas & Jay Z [Music Review]

Dj Khaled Sorry Not Sorry ft Nas and Jay Z Music Review
Dj Khaled Sorry Not Sorry ft Nas and Jay Z Music Review

Dj Khaled Sorry Not Sorry ft Nas and Jay Z Music Review

Artiste: DJ Khaleed

Title: Sorry Not Sorry

Featured Artiste: Nas Jay Z

Genre: Hip Hop

Track Duration: 4:19Mins

Released Date: April 30, 2021

Reviewer: Abdulmatin

Quotable Lyrics

Sorry, not sorry, don’t mind me
I’m livin’ the dream, livin’ the dream, yeah

Sorry Not Sorry Review

Sorry not sorry is a song by Dj khaled who is well known to be a disc jockey and rose to fame after dropping Albums featuring most of the greatest and relevant artists in the world.

As a bad producer and a chief executive officer, khaled has managed his business well in the music industry which fetched him millions of dollars and awards to his name and music recording label.

The unapologetic sound track (Sorry not sorry) got the feature of jayZ and Nas who happens to be greatest old school legends who are beefing each other for long and recorded no song together as history has found it.

Both artists are proudly bragging to be the best in the game with recorded projects and accolades.
Dj khaled United the duo in his song sorry not sorry which got much hip hop lovers to anticipate outstanding sound track which comes through contentment and lacks apologies to the success incurred in the process.

The illmatic artist has since have a good relationship with khaled with numerous features to his albums. Nas has displayed his storytelling prowess by inciting his transition from one level to another through hard work, consistency and commitment.

Adding up with getting his fortunes in cryptocurrency which made him filthy rich. The lyrics, melody go along tightly with the beat. JayZ, the rap boy in the world as he referred himself is a well Acclaimed rap God having multiple Grammys to his name and being one of the most greatest artists of all time since his inception.

Jayz’s folkloric and philosophical lyrics has kept him on top following his marriage with the great Beyoncé. In the song sorry not sorry jayZ has portrayed Words play with flawless metaphor, one needs to study jayZ’s masterpieces to really understand his lyrical arrangements and messages.


Unapologetically, The classic hip hop track has been well produced with a great feature which made the song one of the best songs of the century. Sorry not sorry for been great and successful.

The track is rated 08/10

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