Deezell Baruwanmu [Music Review]

Deezell Baruwanmu Music Review


Artiste: Deezell

Title: Baruwanmu

Featured Artiste: Boc, Dj Ab, Classic, Morell, Kheengs

Genre: Hip-hop

Track Duration: 5:01Mins

Released Date: November 23, 2017

Reviewer: Imran 


Baruwanmu sound track is a heavy collaborative masterpiece compiling several professionally successful Northern Nigerian artiste.

The gigantic project is originally owned by the super luxurious icon popularly known as Deezell. Deezell is a great Hip-hop artiste with productive progression highly subordinated by his talent and efforts, his taste in music is very inspirational.

Obviously, the star’s impact essentially accelerate many development progressively.

Certainly, Baruwanmu track happens to gain participation of multiple talented icons, they collaborate and make a whole of strong masterpiece.

The way they all contribute incredibly defines the quality of the song despite there individual qualities.

However, the great masterpiece happen to accommodate feature of Five solid competent professional Hip-hop artiste.


Featured Artiste


Feature in this track include the wavy trendy star Dj Ab, Hip-hop maestro Boc, flows tycoon Kheengs, multi-dimensional artiste Morell and the flexible rapper Classic.

Boc happens to be the one to hit the first verse with his strong educative flows. He pitched out his vocals incredibly, sounding professionally enticing.

As a well known fact of the maestro’s quality, easily he impressively did not disappoint.

The second verse is handled by the superbly amazing star, Dj Ab, he constantly keep advancing creatively, his Legacy is founded.

Third verse is fully loaded by the exceptionally talented hip-hop star famously known as Kheengs, Kheengs quality is beyond comparison. Beside the fact that he bears he’s real name, he also deserve it as a title.

Qualitatively, Morell hit on the chorus musically amazing, with the hook he spit just before the fourth verse creatively advancing the song quality.

Given that Morell is well uniquely talented and widely acknowledged, his parting in this project is a real deal.

Primarily, Deezell, the song owner happens to take the fourth verse immediately after Morell, the super star hit on the verse with well cooked lyric and pattern, his dynamism on the verse is special.

Last but not the least comes the Northern Nigerian super star Classic, he lastly purify the song quality by incrementing his talent with the others. The last verse is spectacularly structured melodically professional.



Baruwanmu song is a gigantic work of talent collectively and musically amazing, the track happened to gain Eight over Ten (8/10) rating.




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